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White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl Necklace
White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl Necklace
White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl Necklace
White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl Necklace
White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl Necklace
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White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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Product Parameters

Exceptionally rare, naturally beautiful:The pearling process begins in the pristine and remote waters of the Agoya, Japan.The Akoya pearl oyster (Pinctada maxima) is the largest and rarest of all pearl oysters and produces the largest and most valuable of all pearls.

All our products are accompanied by a Genuine Cultured Pearl Guarantee!Operating from ocean-going vessels, teams of divers scour the depths to handpick the solitary Pinctada maxima oysters from the seabed. 

White 63" Length Freshwater Pearl AAA Necklace 

Treat yourself to a gorgeous long strand of 63" freshwater pearl necklace. The pearls measure 7.5-8.0 mm or 9.5-10 mm, the most popular size. Perfect for elegant style on all occasions. 

The length is about 3 regular 18" long necklaces altogether. 

Our white Freshwater pearls have been chosen for their exceptional luster, smooth shapes, and subtle iridescence. Each necklace is made by hand, to your specifications. These pearls have a highly reflective luster, beautifully complementing the pearl beside it seamlessly.

Meticulously hand-strung and knotted on a twin silk cord, each divine pearl sits securely beside the next one with just enough space. This method protects them from becoming scratched and damaged, even after years of enjoyment. 
Our Pearls are Handpicked from the seas and lakes of Japan. Gemological Institute of America pearl identification examination done in New York. We guarantee all our products are 100% Genuine Pearl.

Our Freshwater Pearl Necklace are certified by authoritative organizations.

Product Parameters

  • Origin: Japan
  • Color:  White
  • Dimensions: Approx 7.5-8.0 / 9.5-10 mm 
  • Grade: Noble
  • Shape: Round
  • Metal: White gold
  • Material: Pearl
  • Gem Type: Pearl
  • Setting: Strung
  • Length: 63 inch
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